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I wrote this book because I can help men and women see the beauty in love and how to implement simple yet effective tips and proven strategies into their love life. Then they, too, can create an awesome love story. I wrote this book because I did the work, collected the data, and used the same tips and strategies within my own relationship. I have figured out the secret not only to creating a love story but also to living within an awesome love story.

Are you tired of:


The “pickup mentality”, and going from one 1-night stand to the next when you really want to find an awesome long-lasting relationship or marriage?


Dating programs that only focus on giving you lame tactics that do not really work when the going gets really tough?


Meeting people who are wasting your time, and their own?


Not being sure when or how to cut off a toxic relationship?


Not being sure how to address differences between your partner and yourself?


Insecurity? Loneliness? Feeling like you want to give up hope? Even if you are already in a relationship?

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You can enjoy intimate walks holding hands in the park, long conversations and laughter that keep you up deep into the night, and an unbreakable bond with your special someone for the rest of your life.
Start your own family, have a partner to face off against the world with, and be amazed by a never-ending love story of your own.

About The Coach

My name is Marshaun Olaniyan, and these days I am a certified Life & Relationship Strategist, a Keynote Speaker, and the author of “Twenty Ways to Create an Awesome Love Story”. I’m also happily married to the man of my dreams.

But I wasn’t always tuned into what makes relationships work. After my divorce, when I was getting back into dating, I couldn’t make anything last – all my relationships crumbled one after the other.

I went through education and I read all of the major relationship books – I started my journey towards certification. And I learned who I was as a woman and started showing up as my authentic self.

Download the first chapter of Reignite Your Relationship by 7x

It’s about getting an education that will make your relationship work.

That’s what this coaching program is designed to do.

You May Have Failed In The Past…

It’s not because you’re not good enough. There is nothing wrong with you, and it’s not your curse to just attract the wrong people or have relationship troubles forever. The truth is they don’t teach you this stuff in school. This isn’t about love languages or anything like that. And you definitely won’t learn it from watching TV, or taking other “dating courses” that just teach you the pickup mentality.

“It’s About Getting An Education That Will Make Your Relationship Work”

That’s what this coaching program is designed to do.

Why Me?


I began to research men to find out how they think, what they like and don't like, and how they like to be treated in a relationship.


I even interviewed all of my exes to hear their side of the story and understand the reasons why the relationship didn't continue and flourish.


What makes me different is that I've had the troubles, I've made the mistakes, and I intimately understand both the man's and the woman's side of every relationship story - so whatever problems you are going through, I know how to turn it around and steer you back to the right path.


Ultimately, this is the least expensive, least time intensive, easiest and fastest way to get the education you really need in making your love life tick just the way you want it to.

Client Testimonials

Marshaun is a Relationship Expert with a twist! She’s professional with a tell it like it is style. She challenged me to think, wile at the same time empathized and supported me. I know she will bring the passion back to your relationship/marriage.

Kelley W.

I took Marshaun’s 6-week coaching program and she was awesome! The exercises she gave me were very thought provoking and insightful. She helped me grow and heal some areas of my life that needed healing prior to moving forward with dating. She even convinced me to try online dating. Thank you Marshaun for helping me!

Ann E.

Marshaun’s coaching program has been a God send. She has helped me realize what I was doing wrong and why I was having a hard time keeping a steady relationship. She has even helped me get my wardrobe up to par so I can look like a man who can attract the type of woman who knows I am serious and trustworthy. Check out her services. You can thank me later.

Ben W.

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